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Tech Employee Financial Advice

Summary of Special Services for Technology Employees

Comprehensive, Independent Financial Advice

From investment management and retirement analysis to estate planning, we cover the spectrum of long-term financial planning issues from an independent viewpoint. We are not employees of any insurance company or mutual fund manager so our only customer is our clients.

Financial Independence (Early Retirement) Planning

Early retirement has taken on a new meaning as gains realized through hard work and favorable market conditions have allowed people to "retire" earlier than ever. Our clients dispel the notion that retirement means inactivity. Over the years we have gained experience working with early retirees from many disciplines, businesses, professional sports and lottery winners, and we incorporate what we have learned about the unique needs of those "retired" for 40 or more years.

Stock Sale Executions

We make a tax analysis of various execution options including outright sale, borrowing against the stock, outright gifting, and option hedging strategies. We can execute these strategies for our clients, including the sale of large blocks of stock for a flat $15 fee. We execute our stock and bond transactions through Linsco/Private Ledger, member NASD/SIPC, the largest independent Broker/Dealer in America.

Stock option analysis

What is your option package worth today, after taxes, net of execution costs? Analyst consensus estimates and various valuation methods are used to determine what your current, or proposed package is worth. Should you sell shares to raise cash or diversify or should you borrow against your holdings? Taxes and timing issues are explored.

Portfolio Diversification Strategies

We manage and structure investment portfolios tailored to your existing holdings. Strategies include:

  • Managing portfolios with little or no overlap or correlation with your existing holdings. This approach offers maximum diversification value and overall financial risk reduction. Adding high yield bonds, consumer non-durable stocks, international industrials REITS, r financial industry stocks. This approach is ideal for those looking to reduce their financial risk and perhaps "ease out" of their company stock in preparation for being financially independent.
  • Managing portfolios of technology companies that complement your company's products or have strategic alliances with them. Examples include, mating hardware with software, cable companies with software manufacturers, small marketcap with large, diversify by platform, OS, or concentration in areas such as networking or companies benefiting from spending. This approach is favored by those looking to build maximum wealth through concentration in an industry the client knows, yet is concerned that they currently lack diversification.

Sophisticated Hedging Techniques

Used primarily by institutions, we utilize hedging techniques that can help our clients separate the investment decision of "when to sell stock", from the tax decision of "when does a sale make the most sense". This can make a tremendous difference in after-tax net investment performance.

Electronic Communications and Client Services

Many financial service providers today are in the dark ages of technology at the direct communication level. We endeavor to stay near the leading edge of technology so that we can provide the highest levels of service in a efficient and convenient manner.

  • Special focus bulletins are e-mailed monthly.
  • Confirmations on purchase and sale information as well as general Q & A are available via e-mail.
  • Quarterly newsletters focusing on timely issues in finance which are underreported elsewhere.
  • 24 hour voice mail access.
  • Toll-free phone access from the United States and Canada.
  • Web site (since 7/95) which will be incorporating an ever increasing collection of educational materials as well as full account access.
  • If you know of someone offering more complete services, please let us know.

* Account Protection - Securities held in custody by Linsco/ Private Ledger for clients accounts are protected up to a total of $100 million per account. Of this total, Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) provides $500,000 of coverage, no more than $100,000 of which may be in cash. The remaining $99.5 million of coverage on securities only is provided through a commercial insurer. The account protection applies when a SIPC member firm fails financially and is unable to meet obligations to securities customers, but does not protect against losses from the rise and fall in the market value of the investments.

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